Media & Public Relations Internship

The Media and Public Relations intern will assist in the development and organization of Mujeres de Maiz Media and Public Relations strategy

Duties will include:

  • Develop an overall Public Relations & Media strategy
  • Research Media outlets and contacts
  • Input contacts/data
  • Write template press releases for various events
  • Create Posts and Images for sample advertisements or PSA’s
  • Write sample/template stories about MdM’s various programming
  • Pitch stories to media outlets (radio, print, TV)
  • Work closely with the MdM Marketing and Executive Director on media and PR strategy.

The goal of the Media and Public Relations Intern will be to support MdM with creating and implementing  a comprehensive and integrated media and public relations strategy and plan.

The Communications Intern work will directly be impacting these broader organizational projects

Mujeres de Maiz projects include:

  • 20 year Anniversary
  • Book Anthology
  • Retrospective Exhibit

The Media and Public Relations intern will work directly with Mujeres de Maiz, Executive Director and as well as the Finance and Operations Director.

To apply, please send an email to