Education Internship

The Education Intern will assist in the development and organization of Mujeres de Maiz (MdM) Programs and Planning as an organization.

Duties will include:

  • Support in the implementation of the Educational Vision
  • Logistics and Planning of Education Efforts
  • Building and promotion of Artivist and Wellness Network
  • Support in the research and development of MdM’s Arts Ed Curriculum
  • Development and planning of Artivist Support and Professional Development Classes and Roster of Facilitators
  • Resume, artist statements, photographing art
  • Research and Packaging of our Education Programs
  • Assembly Program
  • Women’s Conference Program

The goal of the Education Intern will work to support in the implementation of Mujeres de Maiz educational vision which seeks to infuse holistic wellness and artivism within all education. The basis being a body, mind and spirit connection and balance.  All educational endeavors will align with this endeavor.

The Education Intern work will directly be impacting these broader organizational goals and objectives of Mujeres de Maiz


Mujeres de Maiz projects include:

  • Year-long programming in Arts education
  • Year long programming in Holistic Wellness
  • Weekly After-school program for teenage girls based on Council and Indigenous Ways
  • Artivist Support and Professional Development

The Education Intern will work directly with Mujeres de Maiz, Executive Director

To apply, please send an email to