Video & Digital Media Internship

The Video and Digital Media intern will assist in the development and organization of Mujeres de Maiz Media video footage

Duties will include:

  • Digitizing miniDV to digital format

  • Organizing digital media

  • Assist in developing media output video clips

  • Create Posts and Images for sample advertisements or PSA’s

  • Pitch stories to media outlets (radio, print, TV)

The goal of the Video and Digital Media Intern will be to support MdM with several major projects.

Mujeres de Maiz projects include:

  • 20 year Anniversary

  • Book Anthology

  • Retrospective Exhibition

Required Qualifications:

  • Working knowledge of Final cut pro, Adobe Premier, or other video editing software

  • Experience in video editing and file organization. Must have own computer with necessary software.

The Video and Digital Media intern will work directly with Mujeres de Maiz and Claudia Mercado

To apply, please send an email to