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“Women, Mujeres, Ixoq” Book Release and Reading
5:00 PM17:00

“Women, Mujeres, Ixoq” Book Release and Reading

“Women, Mujeres, Ixoq” Book Release and Reading      

Sun, March 25th,  


Featuring women featured in the new book about inspiring, revolutionary and activist women by Claudia Hernandez.  


Please join us to celebrate women artists and activists from across the country who are featured in this anthology. The event will include a women's panel and a walking photography exhibit. 

Featured Artists:
Margaret Garcia
FE (Felicia Montes)
Irene Carranza
Maria J. Hernández
Laura Lacamara
Iris De Anda
Claudia D. Hernández

Women, Mujeres, Ixoq: Revolutionary Visions is the outcome of a photo, video, and oral history project named: Today’s Revolutionary Women of Color, which is organized to share the creativity of women artists whose writing, paintings, and careers carry a theme of social justice. With their words, their art, and their photographs, the aim of this book is to display for the world women whose visions may transform communities and inspire young women to lead us into the future. Regardless of gender and positionality, its intent is to educate and inspire young minds to become the role models we need. Also, to keep in mind that revolutionary women, must nurture young boys to become respectful men who love and treat women as equal human beings. Women, Mujeres, Ixoq: Revolutionary Visions is a reminder that we all have a story of resilience and that every woman is a revolutionary in her own right.


Honoring the 50th Anniversary of the Walkouts & Intergenerational Organizing

This project is in collaboration with Mujeres de Maiz, Self Help Graphics & Art, Innercity Struggle, and The California Endowment.  



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Self Help Graphics & Art

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