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Womxn Warriors Artists Talk - Art, Student Movements and Social Change

  • Self Help Graphics & Art 1300 East 1st Street Los Angeles, CA, 90033 United States (map)



ARTIST TALK: Art, Student Movements and Social Change

Saturday, March 24th, 12 noon

An Artist Talk about Student Movements and Social Change
This program is part of WOMXN WARRIORS: Honoring the 50th Anniversary of the Walkouts & Intergenerational Organizing. 

A project and program in collaboration with Mujeres de Maiz, Self Help Graphics & Art, Innercity Struggle, and The California Endowment. 

Intergenerational Artists part of the talk include: Mita Cuaron, Gabriela Claro, Lilia Ramirez, and Felicia 'Fe' Montes whose work is included in the exhibition in conversation about the topic. Moderated by Ana Guajardo

Margarita Cuaron 'Mita' Due to my parents activism I was able to be part of the walkouts, where by other parents either became outraged and even ashamed at their children actions and did not allow them to return home.There by my home became a sanctuary for them. Along with these students we collectively made leaflets & picket signs. My experience was a collective one.

FE (Felicia Montes) is a Xicana Indigenous artist, activist, educator, Femcee, designer, organizer, poet, performer, speaker and practitioner of the healing arts from East Los Angeles. She creates with In Lak Ech, Urban Xic, and La Botanica del Barrio and is the founding director of Mujeres de Maiz. Check her out at

Gabriella Claro "Gabby" is a 19-year-old artist from South Central Los Angeles and creates paintings and screenprints with a focus on spreading empowerment for womxn and social consciousness through her art. Gabriella is an alumnus of Self Help Graphics & Art's SOY Artista program and current member of the Barrio Mobile Art Studio Youth Team that facilitates art workshops for peers at various citywide actions pushing your additional resources for youth. 

Lilia Ramirez a.k.a  Liliflor Arte is a cultural art educator championing youth in the arts, using art as a tool for healing and transformation. Since 1994 Lilia has been at the forefront of the Los Angeles youth movement; as co-founder of the Peace and Justice Center (PJC) in 1995, an innovative youth run center in Los Angeles. A decade later she received her B.A from UCLA’s World Arts and Cultural Studies. Lilia co-founded First Street Studios, soon after she served as Director of Annual Exhibitions for Mujeres de Maiz (International Women of Color Artist Collective & Zine), and curator at The Jean Deleage Gallery. Her current and past Artist Residencies include: LA Works, L.A.’s Best A.S.A.P, Casa 0101, L.A. Commons, City of Los Angeles Summer Night Lights, Arts 4 City Youth – Art As Resistance, African American Museum, Casa Coyo, Watts Labor Community Action Center, Theatre of Hearts, and Highways Art Gallery.

This event is apart of MdM's & SHG's Spring Calendar and Programming. 

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WOMXN WARRIORS: Honoring the 50th Anniversary of the Walkouts & Intergenerational Organizing

This project is in collaboration with Mujeres de Maiz, Self Help Graphics & Art, Innercity Struggle, and The California Endowment.  

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