La Loba Loca

La Loba Loca, is a Queer, Machona, Brown South American Migrant, community organizer, artist, researcher, writer, body-powered tattooist, full spectrum companion(doula), midwife student, eco-feminista and life-long student. She has been part of several projects aiming to document and provide information on autonomous and community based health and healing. She has facilitated knowledge shared and learned from several abuelitas, tias, plants, communities, lands and institutions in different regions of Abya Yala. La Loba Loca is invested on disseminating information with the hope that self-knowledge and (re)cognition of traditional knowledge will create a future where we can depend on ourselves and communities. La Loba Loca's core philosophy is based on (re)claiming and (re)membering Abuelita Knowledge and learning how to use our roots as a tool for liberation and transformation.


University of California Berkeley Bachelor on Interdisciplinary Studies and the senior thesis on forced sterilization of Quechua Women. University of California Los Angeles certificate on Global Sustainability. Trained Birth, Post Partum, Abortion and Loss Companion (Doula), Trained in Placenta Medicine preparation. I have learned about traditional medicine from different peers and elders from Abya Yala and Turtle Island.

La Loba Loca offers:

Workshops and knowledge shares

Full Spectrum Birth Work. La Loba Loca support families and individuals during birth, post partum, loss and abortion. She also prepares placenta medicine

Menstrual health companionship


Documentation & Photography

Energy work, sobadas, ajustes and manteo/rebozo massage

Body Powered Tattooing (stick-and-poke)

Herbal medicine

Spanish translation

Workshops Available:

La Loba Loca has facilitated several workshops and knowledge share in universities as well as community spaces. She has presented her worked in Peru, Chile, Mexico and different part of the States. She has presented from children, teens, Youth and older audiences. All workshops can be offered in Spanish or English.


Radical Mooning Knowledge Share: blood, body and politics

Sustainable Living: Decolonial Food

Honoring our Waters: Talk on bodily fluids, their power and our responsibility to honor them

HIV Promotora Preventing HIV

Abuelita/Ancestral Knowledge as a Tool for Liberation

Transnational Talks on Reproductive Justice, body autonomy and abortion: From Chile to L.A

Forced sterilization of Andean Quechua Women under the Fujimori's reign of terror in Peru

Reclaiming Reproductive Autonomy

Telando Mundos: textiles and the uses of mantas/rebozos to support the body through reproductive experiences

From the roots up: how to plant, take care, harvest and prepare medicinal herbs and foods

Vientres y Autonomia: Salud Sexual y Autogestiva (Wombs and Anatomy: Sexual Health and reclaiming our health)

Let's talk about abortion!: demystifying abortion and providing un-biased support to friends and family

Know Yo’s Self: circle on cycles, herbs and wholeness

Navigating the Streets: a talk on gender, race, sexuality and bikes

How I stated La Loba Loca? A chucheria maker business

Contact Information:

Phone: (510)717-5147


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