Felicia 'Fe' Montes

Hometown: East Los Angeles


B.A. UCLA- World Arts & Cultures, Minor in Chican@ Studies

M.A. CSUN - Chican@ Studies

M.F.A. Otis College of Art & Design - Public Practice Art

Medium: Performance, Poetry, Multi-Media, Music

Bio: Felicia Montes is a Xicana Indigenous artist, activist, academic, community and event organizer, educator, designer, poet, performer, professor living and working in the Los Angeles area. She believes art is a tool for education, empowerment and transformation and has translated her passion for art and social justice as co-founder and coordinating member of two groundbreaking creative women’s collectives, Mujeres de Maiz and In Lak Ech. Felicia creates work based on social and spiritual change as she works on the front lines of activism and organizing. Known throughout the Los Angeles area as an established Xicana cultural worker of a new generation, she has worked with most of the key arts and cultural centers and social service agencies in the greater East Los Angeles area including Self Help Graphics, Proyecto Pastoral and the United Farm Workers. She has been influential in Los Angeles transnational art and organizing efforts including work with the Zapatistas, Peace & Dignity Journeys, and La Red Xicana Indigena. Having organized and performed in hundreds of cultural events, conferences, classrooms and protests for many artists and social justice causes, her current focus is on her own visual and multimedia art performances and creations. Felicia holds a B.A from UCLA in World Arts & Cultures with a minor in Chican@ Studies, an M.A in Chican@ Studies from Cal State Northridge and an MFA in Public Practice Art from Otis College of Art & Design.

Professional Skills: Arts Administrator, Community Organizer, Workshop Facilitator, Artist, Instructor, Keynote Speaker


Workshops Available:


“Educate, Empower, Transform – Artivism in Action”

“Mujeres de Maiz- Harvesting Hope and Healing through Art.”

“Movemynt Pains: Dealing with Sexism & Fleshing Feminism in Social Justice Circles”

“Cultura Cura Circles: Culturally based Holistic Talking Circles for Ourselves & our Community”

“Wombyn’s Circles – Healing in CommUnity”

“Cesar Chavez: Education, Celebration, and Service”

“(W)riting Our Stories” - Writing Workshop


Felicia is available to perform, present, and lead workshops at your campus or center. She has shared at a wide range of events, including Culture Days, Raza Day’s, Xicana Week, Women’s Week, Poetry Month, Sexual Assault Awareness Month, Take Back The Night, Indigenous People’s Day/Night, Heritage Months for the Raza and Indigenous communities, graduation ceremonies, and more!

Felicia is available to honor and commemorate specific National and international days and events including but not limited to:

January - Zapatista Anniversary (Jan. 1st) Topics: New Year, New You – Intentions & Vision, Zapatismo 101, Mujeres Zapatistas, What LArtivists learned from the Z’s.

February - Valentine’s Day, World Day of Social Justice (Feb. 20) Topics: Self Love and Self Care Loving Self, Loving Community Artivism & Edutainment

March - Women’s History Month, World Poetry Day (March 21st), Cesar Chavez Day (March 31st) Topics: Cesar Chavez Day, The United Farm Workers influence on Chican@ Artists Poetry/creative writing workshop, Starting your own women’s group, Women’s Circles/Council Movemynt Pains: Accountability within campus and activist circles

April - National Poetry Month, Sexual Assault Awareness Month, Take Back the Night, Denim Day, Earth Day (April 22nd), Alchohol Awareness Month Topics: My journey to honor Mother Earth, Poetry/Creative Writing workshop, Poetry/Floetry/Hip hop performance, Chicanas in Hip Hop, Healthy Relationships 101/Violence 101, My path to Sobriety

May - International Worker’s Day (May 1st), Cinco de Mayo (May 5th), Mother’s Day honoring and blessings, Graduation/Commencements Topics: Drink de Mayo: How Culture is being Consumed

June - Summer Solstice, Graduations/Commencements Topics: Honoring the Seasons and Ourselves, Graduation – It is Time!

July - Alternative Fourth of July Events

August - International Day of World’s Indigenous People’s Topics: Prayer’s across Continents- The Peace & Dignity Journeys

September - Hispanic Heritage Month/Mes de la Americas, International Literacy Day, Dia del Maiz/Day of the Corn (Sept. 29th)

October - Indigenous People’s Day /Dia de la Raza- Alternative Columbus Day (Oct 12th) Topics: Indigenous Women Today Xicana Indigena Politics, Prayer, Performance Prayer’s across Continents- The Peace & Dignity Journeys

November - Day of the Dead Celebrations, Native American Heritage Month (LA Area) Topics: Day of the Dead—History and Today, How to create a Day of the Dead altar (interactive workshop), Prayer’s across Continents- The Peace & Dignity Journeys

December - Human Rights Day Winter Solstice Topics: Healthy Relationships 101/Violence 101 Honoring the seasons and ourselves

Contact Information: 323-359-6288

Website: www.FeliciaMontes.com